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Understanding Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services People have a notion that commercially design machines perform better in what they do than home based machines. A commercial washing machine will handle more linen than a home based washing machine. A commercial designed fridge will hold more than a home designed fridge. This may be true, but it does not apply to all things like cleaning services. Domestic and industrial cleaning services are in very many ways not similar. Commercial cleaners should not be given domestic cleaning jobs. Domestic cleaners should also not be assigned commercial cleaning spaces. Commercial and residential cleaners offer different cleaning services. A clean home is a something to boast about hence must be done to the standard of the home owner. Hence domestic cleaners are required to clean to the finest bits. Domestic cleaners are also usually very careful with different equipment in a home. They know the importance of these items to the home owner hence will not want to cause any damage to them. Industrial based cleaners don’t take much consideration of the equipment as the equipment in an office are not easy to destroy. Cleaning is very important to industries as it is a way for the company to ensure its tools and equipment are in good form for use.
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Commercial cleaning usually puts the activities of a company at a standstill hence need to be undertaken when the normal operations of a company are not going on. Therefore, they need to be trusted with the company’s equipment as they are not often watched over. Since house cleaning is done during the day, the home owner can be present and watch over their cleaning process. Residential cleaners can build relationships with their clients since they interact with them. Therefore, home cleaners are usually better at customer service and interaction than commercial cleaners.
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The tools and equipment used for cleaning by residential and industrial cleaners are not the same since they perform different functions. Tools owned by commercial cleaners are relatively big because there is more room to clean in industry than a home. Commercial cleaners are required to have the necessary chemicals that they can clean with to get rid of any disease carries. They assist the company to maintain its production process. Due to their large equipment they are usually the best for cleaning after a catastrophe like fire or floods, they can also be used for construction cleaning. The terms of payment by for Residential and commercial cleaners are different. Domestic cleaners are often paid immediately after working while commercial cleaners accept payment even after working or even before when they are working on contract.