Astrotrips: Egypt’s First Astronomy Trip Initiative

With the release of this mod chip , came 2 other options to further help every gaming fanatic get their hands on a modded controller. The first being a “send-in” or “mail-in” mod service. This service was considerably cheaper since the price of a new Xbox 360 controller was dropped from the price. The second option was the “mod kit”. This was very cheap and allowed the skilled or un-skilled modder to purchase a mod chip and easily install it in their controller.

When I first bought the Grappler litter pickup tool I used it primarily to help me with my weekly cleaning chores, but within a couple of weeks, I realized the Grappler is much more than just a trash pickup tool. It’s a multipurpose reaching tool that you can use to grab things off the top shelf, like cans of food and tetra packs of milk etc. If you go for the 48” Grappler, you can use it with a riding mower. That way you can mow the lawn and pick up trash on the go.

We often mistake sheer will power with motivation. Will power is no good without motivation. If you try to achieve your goals through sheer will power without motivation you will be likely to fail.

Instrument Design: The instrument development, the Global Well-Being Scale (GWBS), is a version of the Visual Analog Scale (VAS). It consists of a ten-centimeter horizontal line, with the left end labeled ‘the worst you could possibly feel,’ and the right ‘the best you could possibly feel.’ It is expected that the patient will have an intuitive sense of her/his sense of global well-being, which will be composed of a complex mixture of physical health, energy or fatigue, emotional state, and social functioning.

Now this is the bit that so amuses me – it completely aggravates those people that are my playing partners. Why should it bother them so much? At least half of the guys that I play with totally cannot handle seeing me not caring or freaking out when I do the dumbest stuff. I am the type of golfer that asks my playing partners if it is ok if I move my ball when I have hit it into a stupid place. (And to be honest, half the time it is off the tee when I have tried to do something impossible). So they say, no problem, rob, you play your own game. And then within three holes I can see they are fuming. Yeah, generally it is with them, they put too much pressure on themselves. But a lot of the time it seems to me to be because I am having too much fun. You see if I personally don’t get all wired up when I hit the nearest tree; I find that it really is the most fantastic way to spend some time. If I am going to spend so much money chasing after a ball then at least enjoy it. And my advice is that if the ball land in a dumb spot, move the silly thing. Hell it is good for your heart.

To make these arrogant companies face the music, they have to know that they can be fired. To put them on notice, first make sure you know what they are up to. Get a year’s worth of statements and track the extra fees, the membership dues and each time they jacked up their interest rates on you.

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